Tracey Parsons

Consultant & Owner
Parsons Strategic Consulting

At every intersection of the talent revolution, Tracey seized opportunities to push innovation and be the change agent. Tracey is the President at Parsons Strategic Consulting, a consultancy at the intersection of employer brand, recruitment marketing and systems to create delight for talent and brands. Tracey has extensive experience in talent strategy, social recruiting and marketing, thought leadership, brand development and consulting at companies like SmashFly, TMP Worldwide, and her own startup, CredHive. She’s also been a contributing writer at SmashFly, her own blog, Work it Daily, and Social Media Explorer.

Parsons Strategic Consulting

Tracey Parsons’s Session(s)

1:00 p.m. —

The Power of Prediction

Debbie Tuel, Chief Joy Officer, Symphony Talent, hosts Tracey Parsons, President at Parsons Strategic Consulting and founder of startup WORQDRIVE on this session of the JOY Podcast.  Each podcast episode, Debbie hosts various talent acquisition professionals to discover how we can best marry tech with joy to create a better recruiting experience for all.

In this conversation, Tracey shares her insight on how companies are tackling internal mobility and what we, as an industry, can do using data and analytics to improve retention. Add in the right tool recommendations from Debbie and hear how you can better predict what you, your candidates, and employees need for a better experience. 

1:45 p.m. —

Case Study: Agile Social Recruiting to Deliver Engagement in Our Community for Candidates

When everything is upside down, the only option is adaptation. The pandemic put everyone in a terrible situation. In the past, we would all spend a lot of time formulating strategies and executing them over a few years. Which in hindsight sounds slightly insane. How could we count on knowing what would happen in two years? Especially in the world of social media? At the same time, we saw candidate attitudes changing and fast. So, we knew we needed to take a different approach. WE decided our best path forward would be to take lessons from our friends in tech and develop a more agile approach to our social marketing efforts. We implemented an agile methodology in our social recruiting and has it ever paid off. In this session, Derek and Tracey will take you through what an agile approach looks like, why it is the path forward and how you, too could start using agile to drive remarkable results for your employer brand.

1:45 p.m. —

Panel: How to Keep Your Employer Brand Relevant and Authentic

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