Tom Brunskil


Tom is CEO and co-founder of Forage, which he started along with co-founder Pasha in 2017. 

Prior to Forage, Tom was an M&A attorney at a global law firm (King & Wood Mallesons) specializing in cross-border transactions. In this role, Tom realized there was a disconnect between university and the world of work. 

From here, Forage was born. Today, Forage aims to give all students the means to advance their careers for free. With over 1 million students and 75 companies on the platform, Tom is passionate about helping students find their dream careers at great companies.



Tom Brunskil’s Session(s)

10:15 a.m. —

Why "Train then Hire" Makes More Sense for Graduate Recruitment

With the help of industry-leading campus recruiters, Forage has deployed Virtual Work Experience programs that have reached nearly 1.5M college students.

These industry leaders operate from a different rule book. They’ve flipped the traditional script of “hire then train,” to “train then hire.” Also known as preskilling, this new recruiting strategy uses workplace simulation to show candidates what it’s like to do the work while giving them basic skills to be successful in the workplace. Then they hire from this pre-trained talent pool. Recruiters can do this while they sleep with digital experiences that are on 24/7/365.

Tune into this session with Forage CEO, Tom Brunskill to learn more about this exciting new trend in early talent recruiting.

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