Drew Palmer

Creative Director
Recruit Rooster

Drew Palmer is the Creative Director for Recruit Rooster. In his role, he creates and executes annual marketing plans, including blog and social media posts, sales campaigns, marketing commercials, webinars, and monthly newsletters. In addition, he leads the Creative Team to collaborate with a diverse client base during initial and final consultations, from filming and editing to production of final products. 

His creative eye and passion for videography and travel allow him to assist a wide variety of companies in looking their best through employer branding efforts. Coming to the DirectEmployers family of brands straight out of college, Drew previously held a Digital Design Coordinator position, assisting with the implementation and design process for DirectEmployers Member microsites. Drew has participated in numerous public speaking engagements over the years, and his videography work has received various honors including a Muse Award, Communicator Award, and Davy Award. 

In his personal time, he enjoys all things outdoors including cycling and mountain biking, hiking, and of course spending time with his family. He is also a board  member of the LC Collective, a group of young leaders passionate about land and water conservation in his home of Leelanau County, Michigan.


Recruit Rooster

Drew Palmer’s Session(s)

1:20 p.m.–1:50 p.m. PT —

Lights, Camera, Hired: Mastering Video Recruitment and Creating Compelling Content with Just Your Phone!

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, eye-catching and engaging content is paramount when it comes to attracting top-tier talent. It is important to give job seekers an authentic understanding of who you are with a recruitment marketing strategy and compelling creative content that showcases your employer brand and company culture. 

Join Recruit Rooster’s Creative Director Drew Palmer as he shares his knowledge and expertise in crafting captivating recruitment content that you can capture all by yourself! He will walk you through how to develop a recruitment content plan while sharing invaluable tips, tricks, and real-world examples of creating high-impact material using just your phone. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Leveraging the Power of Authenticity
  • Maximizing Smartphone Capabilities
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Measuring Content Performance

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