Blair Fambro

Manager, Pipeline Strategy & DEI
The Hershey Company

Blair Fambro is Manager, Pipeline Strategy & DEI for The Hershey Company. Prior to joining Hershey, he was Sr. DEI Recruitment Strategist - Engineering for Johnson Controls.  Previously, he was a Senior Technical Sourcer with Twitter. Blair has over 11 years of experience as a DEI Strategist and Lead Technical Recruiter for organizations such as General Motors, and Hewlett Packard. He is passionate about developing recruitment strategies to help sourcer and recruiters excel, and building a diverse workforce.

The Hershey Company

Blair Fambro’s Session(s)

2:10 p.m.–2:45 p.m. PT —

Working Smarter, Not Harder: A Sourcer's Guide to Using ChatGPT & Google Bard

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure into the realm of AI and its remarkable capacity to enable Sourcing to operate more intelligently and effortlessly! This dynamic session will equip you with a plethora of innovative strategies to enhance your productivity and efficacy. Come along as we set sail on this captivating exploration!

  • Overview of AI Platforms (ChatGPT & Bard)
  • How to Building a DEI Strategy
  • Convert a Military to Civilian Resume with AI
  • Boolean Strings (ChatGPT vs Bard)
  • ChatGPT Scraper Plug-in
  • Job Descriptions (Are they inclusive?)
  • Building a DEI PowerPoint Presentation

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