Carrie Corcoran

Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Consultant
Carrie Cares Employer Branding

Carrie Corcoran, Carrie Cares Employer Brand Consultant, help companies remove the friction from talent attraction and enterprise hiring through recruiting operations excellence. Her focus is on assisting clients in better hiring through process improvement, the right–innovative technology, and training recruiters on the critical skills they need to compete for top talent. She started her career in employer branding over ten years ago when she worked for Working Solutions, a contact center solutions company. After Working Solutions, she returned to her hospitality roots and led global programs for Hilton. After Hilton, she went into banking and worked for BOK Financial, launching regional programs as their first VP, Talent Attraction. She started Carrie Cares LLC in 2020 and most recently worked for Heartland as Senior Manager Employer Brand. She’s an active member of the Talent Brand Alliance and Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals. She’s a connector at heart who enjoys giving back to job seekers. People have dubbed her “A Fairy Job Mother.”

Carrie Cares Employer Branding

Carrie Corcoran’s Session(s)

10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. PT —

Workshop A: Level Up Your Brand Vibes: Cool EB Strategy Hacks and Content Tips for Rocking Your Reputation

Have you ever thought about how employer branding shapes how the world sees you? Here's the scoop: modern job seekers crave real talk and openness from potential employers. It's the cherry on top. So, whether you're on social media or niche industry sites, it's all about showing up and steering the conversation about you as a company and what you offer a potential employee. And guess what? Your team members can be your biggest fans (peanut butter and jelly) or critics (wilted lettuce). That's why teaming up with them is the real deal and the icing on the cake. They can shout about the cool stuff happening inside or give you a heads-up if something's off. Wondering how to handle those online employee reviews or how to turn your crew into brand ambassadors? Join our workshop! Here's a sneak peek: The art and science of handling employee reviews. How to respond to the positive and negative with integrity and transparency. (Glassdoor) Building a culture of psychological safety to empower your employees to tell your story and theirs. Teaming up, down, and across the organization to build strategic partnerships and power your employer brand.

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