Brooks E. Scott

Executive Coach, DEI Expert and Advisor
Merging Path Coaching

Brooks E. Scott is an Executive Coach, Communications Specialist, and a DEI Strategic Advisor.  He's also the founder and CEO of Merging Path Coaching where he's coached hundreds of managers and trained thousands of employees on Managing Unconscious Bias, Feedback - How To Give and Receive, Values Discovery and Alignment, and Conversations of Race and Allyship in the Workplace.  He coaches by drawing from all of his experiences in life.  He is a former VP of Safety Operations for a cybersecurity company, the Manager of Operations for the protection team for the CEO and COO of Facebook, a former New Jersey State Trooper and from being a former 5th-grade school teacher.  

Merging Path Coaching

Brooks E. Scott’s Session(s)

3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. PT —

Workshop C: Conscious Inclusion in Hiring Practices

Conscious Inclusion in Hiring Practices is an engaging training curated to provide talent leaders with a new perspective on creating inclusion in their hiring process. From the creation of the job descriptions, to interview questions, to the evaluation of individuals in our hiring process; this course will serve to cover four objectives: 

  • Clarifying your criteria for hiring 

  • Writing and communicating job descriptions in an inclusive way 

  • Considerations of bias in your hiring process 

  • Creatives ways for sourcing underrepresented talent 

Join us for an active discussion as we move through this program together as a team. All participants are strongly encouraged to come prepared to powerfully engage with each other. Your facilitator, Brooks E. Scott, the Chief Culture Curator of Merging Path Coaching, is a professionally certified Executive Coach and Interpersonal Communications expert specializing in management and leadership training, all with a focused lens of diversity and inclusion. He delivers this conversational-style workshop training designed to provide an open, safe space to explore identity themes and topics.

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