Bryan Adams

CEO and Founder

Bryan is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world. Ph. specializes in building world-class employer brand, EVP and talent engagement strategy for companies such as Apple, Nike, Peloton and Intuitive. He is considered a prominent employer brand thought leader and his creative, unconventional, and even controversial methodologies are said to regularly change the way people think about employer branding and EVP. Bryan is a two-times best-selling author (Getting Goosebumps & Give & Get), HBR contributor, podcaster and specialist speaker.


Bryan Adams’s Session(s)

4:05 p.m.–4:40 p.m. PT —

Employer Brand Perspective: Elevate The Value, Align Your Leaders and Compel your Talent

Do you ever feel like your work seems to be undervalued, underestimated or just under-resourced? Join us for the enlightening talk 'Employer Brand Perspective,' designed for forward-thinking employer branding leaders determined to create more impact throughout your organization.

If you want a new and effective way to communicate the significance of your work internally while also making your organisation an undeniably compelling proposition for even the toughest of talent audiences, this session is must-see

Together we will explore how to reinterpret traditional business elements—vision, mission, and values—into a language that resonates with leaders and talent audiences alike. The result? A dramatically heightened engagement level from both sides of the coin with internal leaders, employees, and external candidates.

Gain a fresh, simple approach to articulate your employer branding strategy and develop a universal playbook to showcase its value. This talk is your compass in the quest to boost the stature and resources of employer branding in your organization, offering an innovative approach that could also fast-track your own career.

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