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RippleMatch powers the future of early career recruiting. Designed for the modern campus recruiter, our intelligent recruiting platform combines automation and data insights to dramatically increase productivity, reach, and diversity. From source to hire, RippleMatch enables recruiters to connect with every student seeking a job, regardless of where they chose to attend school. To learn more, visit ripplematch.com.

Recruit Rooster

Recruit Rooster is here to expand your company’s recruitment marketing strategy by offering new tools to win the best candidates. As the recruitment marketplace evolves, so do we. You need more than just a great jobs page, and that’s why Recruit Rooster goes above and beyond to offer services that communicate your company’s culture to potential candidates. We are expanding our solutions further to offer full career site branding, creative content services, and now, our very own talent community built with compliance in mind. We also offer accessibility testing and tools that will elevate your career site and appeal to a broader, more diverse audience of job seekers.


ERIN is a Smart Employee Referral Platform that allows employees to make referrals easily from their phone or computer. ERIN makes managing employee referrals a breeze and engages employees to participate in recruitment, producing higher-quality, longer tenure candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment.


Survale’s Top HR Product Award winning Talent Feedback Platform automatically gathers and analyzes feedback from candidates, recruiters and hiring managers at each hiring stage. Survale provides unprecedented insights into recruitment operations and quality of hire, allowing organizations to optimize and align their people and processes around common metrics. Visit survale.com.


We began in 2018 as a recruitment marketing agency which overtime created a SaaS platform (AcquireROI) to compete in the programmatic jobs marketing space. We give 100% of our clients spend to the job boards and only profit from our discounts with the publishers. We are not greedy, and our goal is to level the playing field for all industries with focus on the candidate apply experience and hire conversion to the employers. The unique difference is that we provide the combination of a programmatic platform with easy apply integrations for all major job publishers (Indeed, Ziprecruiter…), which streamlines workflow and increase conversion to apply by 150% in most cases.


Easily create and distribute video content for all of your Employer Branding needs. Sparc and Amplify use the power of video to showcase your company’s value proposition. Video is the powerful and preferred method to build awareness and longevity for your Employer Brand. Amplify helps you maximize your results by leveraging your video assets. Managing your videos, including creating, uploading, distributing, sharing and providing access to your team and recruiters is easy and efficient. Sparc incorporates hiring manager video into your job description to attract qualified candidates.


RemoteBridge does virtual recruiting, onboarding, and team building in immersive 3D (i.e. avatars running around a virtual world.) No goggles or downloads are required. Clients include Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Hilton, and FedEx. Winner "2023 Future of Work Award," HR Tech's "Innovation Award" and "Future of Work: Platform of the Year 2023."


Dalia helps employers get more qualified applicants, automatically. Its recruitment marketing automation captures, engages, and converts lost job seeker traffic to give recruiting teams more qualified applicants. Learn more at Dalia.co.

Click Boarding

Click Boarding provides enterprise organizations with modern employee experiences that are compliant and engaging. Designed to help employers quickly and efficiently onboard, offboard, crossboard, and retain employees eliminating paperwork and manual processes. Our automated, API-friendly workflows improve efficiency for HR, reduce ghosting of new hires and ultimately improve employee retention.


Talent Board

Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with industry benchmarks that highlight accountability, fairness, and business impact. Now in its 12th year, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with industry benchmarks that highlight accountability, fairness and business impact.

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Rally® is the largest community of professionals in HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Marketing and Communications where the best ideas in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding are learned and shared, to help you gain new skills, advance your career and deliver greater business impact.


exaqueo is an employer brand consulting firm. We bring meaning to the employment relationship through insight, brand, and experience, transforming how employers attract and retain talent who will thrive and resulting in bottom line impact for the organizations we serve.

GBS Worldwide

GBS is your end-to-end talent attraction partner and recruitment marketing agency. With over 50 years of combined experience of "humanizing" the Human Capital Industry, we possess a level of skill and flair that's second to none. Our employer branding , innovative strategies, social and recruitment marketing campaigns win awards and move needles. Our marketing and advertising agency worked with startups to Fortune 5 companies and every level in-between. This gives GBS the unique perspective you need to understand the challenges your company faces in today's labor market. The GBS team have been on all sides of the conference table: practitioner, employer, and agency. This allows you to benefit from our unique perspective, which we put to work to solve your organization's complex people and process problems. Discover what we can do with you.

Michele Shelton LLC

Michele and her team apply a unique blend of strategies to guide and advise courageous leaders, in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Our clients are committed to setting goals and doing the work to maximize diversity, build cultures of inclusivity, advance racial and gender equity.

Wednesday Talent

Wednesday is the employee-video platform to tell the best version of your story and deliver a better candidate experience at any scale. Wednesday helps you tell the most compelling version of your story—because people join people.


TalentCulture is a trailblazing HR marketing company offering advertising, media, executive branding, and social promotions via our global learning community to brands in all industries with an emphasis on tech brands. Our experienced B2B marketing team designs custom content programs to create social awareness and influence, spark new business growth, promote thought leadership, and help our clients distinguish themselves as industry leaders to gain greater market share and visibility with their audience. Working in combination with a vibrant social ecosystem, we call our global learning community, we promote (introduce) our clients to a relevant, buying audience using sought-after and innovative practices, and content strategies to elevate the conversation. Our clients partner with a veteran team of HR tech analysts, former HR practitioners, influencers, industry trailblazers, workplace futurists, branding, and social media specialists.

Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable

Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable is a conglomerate of the nation’s most respected talent acquisition professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry. With over 100 represented brands, the Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable will fill your plate with educational webinars, networking opportunities and meaningful conversations. Our secret recipe is facilitating “corner booth” conversations on best practices, trends, hot topics and challenges for the hospitality recruiting industry.

Talent Brand Alliance

The community built by and for practitioners of employer branding, recruitment marketing, and employee communications storytelling.

Link Humans

Providing unbiased employer brand insights driven by data, from over 10% of the Fortune 500.

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