Crystal Miller Lay

CEO and Chief Strategy Officer
GBS Worldwide

Crystal Miller Lay is the Chief Executive of GBS Worldwide, an end-to-end Talent Attraction Firm specializing in employer branding, recruitment marketing, media management, and organizational talent transformation. With over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, behavioral psychology, brand experience management and award-winning digital marketing, Crystal, along with her team, work with late stage startups to multi-national, Fortune 10 organizations to improve talent attraction and better the world of work. When the pandemic hit, Crystal saw a deepened need to help employers better understand the psychological shift happening with workers and so returned to school to pursue a Masters in Leadership and Organisational Innovation through the University of Wales, specialising her research in EVP, Employer Brand and the employment gap for the Neurodiverse Workforce. Over the last three years, she's conducted the largest known study of its kind into the gap in EVP development, specifically as it applies to those with disabilities and the neurodiverse. 
When she's not working (and often even when she is), you're likely to find Crystal either traveling or with her family.  She's also fond of patio gardening, an occasional glass of red wine, and got her first Barbie doll when she was 6 years old. More on Barbie later. 

GBS Worldwide

Crystal Miller Lay’s Session(s)

11:20 –11:50 AM PDT — Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Redefining Employer Value Proposition

For years, recruitment marketeers and employment branders have struggled with the fuzziness of the traditional "Employer Value Proposition" (EVP) model.  The measurement of effectiveness has been, at best, muddy as the outputs of EVP work have largely been focused on the employer, not the worker. However, in recent years a more effective shift in EVP development to include Person-Environment (P-E) alignment has emerged. Using grounded research and "real world" examples, participants of this session will learn: 

    • What constitutes Person-Environment alignment between Organizations and Workers (and why it matters!)
    • What a P-E Aligned EVP looks like and how to build it
    • How to embed and activate your EVP
    • Updated metrics needed to measure EVP effectiveness

1:50 –2:20 PM PDT — Thursday, July 20, 2023

'Going All In:' Inclusive Job Ads

Inclusion Matters, but many workers struggle to feel it throughout the employment lifecycle.  For nearly 40% of working respondents in a 2020 McKinsey survey, the struggle begins before the hire; causing them to not pursue jobs due to perceived lack of organizational inclusion.  So what are we to do? We start with job ads, which when well-written, have been shown to actually help create more inclusive workplaces. In this session, participants will learn: 

    • review job description components
    • remove and avoid coded phrases
    • reduce and eliminate discriminatory language and focus on inclusive considerations
    • how to highlight work experience and conditions, along with inclusive organizational practices

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