Jörgen Sundberg

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Starting out in talent acquisition in 2003, I caught the early wave of digital marketing and tested many talent attraction tactics. Some failed, some didn’t, so for years I kept updating and testing strategies while managing hiring campaigns for giants like IBM, Accenture, SAP, and Deloitte.

Yet, repeatedly I saw employer brands play it safe with timid words: innovation, cutting-edge, passion, and stakeholder. They said the "right" words but struggled with their identity — their actions didn't match their words. And it wasn't just me that noticed.

Their employees said things that shaped a reputation that was different from those idealized brands.

And as data began to inform business decisions, I watched as companies failed to use it in a way that would help them manage their employer brands. Sure, companies were growing, but they were also hiring the wrong people for the jobs — a costly mistake.

Over time, a question took shape: How can data be used to measure employer reputation and make it more attractive?

Armed with evidence, I started helping companies like Netflix, Mars, Comcast, PepsiCo, and L'Oréal become employers of choice.

Link Humans

Jörgen Sundberg’s Session(s)

10:45 a.m.–11:15 a.m. PT —

Case Study: How to Measure Your Employer Reputation

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