Shaunda Zilich

Senior Director, People Brand and Talent Attraction

Shaunda Zilich joined Marriott International as a Senior Director of People Brand and Talent Attraction in fall 2022. In her role, her primary focus is to further develop the global people brand and to assist in the attraction and retention of top talent to Marriott. Shaunda has had roles in people brand leadership experience at GE, Qualtrics, and, where she was instrumental in developing agile brand practices serving both broad organizational goals, as well as individual brands/business units.

Shaunda’s strengths include using storytelling to connect candidates with purpose and using data to predict ROI of recruiting efforts and talent add/fit. She’s a firm believer that companies deploying progressive employer brand practices get better recruiting results, a reality/opportunity that’s only strengthened in a post-pandemic Talent Acquisition world.

Shaunda resides in the Salt Lake City area with her family and has a BA in Management and Marketing. She is a big sports fan and enjoys running, biking, hiking, and skiing (pretty much all things outdoors) with her family.


Shaunda Zilich’s Session(s)

9:25 a.m.–10:00 a.m. PT —

Putting People First: A Case Study of Marriott's "Be" People Brand Journey

Join this session to learn about Marriott’s People Brand.  Simply put this is the ‘Be Brand’ showcasing and representing the culture at Marriott. Learn how it came to be, what made it successful, and how you can put something like this into place no matter where you are at on this journey or what size company you are marketing.

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