Nicole Stephens

Global Employer Brand Strategist

Nicole Stephens is a Senior Global Employer Brander who has worked with companies large (250K) and small (800). With more than ten years of experience in Communications/HR and more than five years in Employer Branding, she manages digital programs and platforms for candidates and employees, and has led advocacy programs at three different companies.

Nicole's most impressive achievement on paper may be building a social media program at a Fortune 50 company from scratch (yes, $0) to managing $1MM budget in under four years, but her favorite part of working in this space is connecting with employees. Whether 1:1 or in small groups, she looks for their motivators, and creates strategies for companies to more effectively engage and retain employees — the ones driving the company's success. Whether you're working at a Fortune 50 or a startup, life is too short for people to hate their jobs, and Nicole is focused on making better experiences for everyone. When not reading/talking about this field, she is working on her culinary skills (mediocre) or her tennis serve (trending upwards).

Nicole Stephens’s Session(s)

12:30 p.m.–1:00 p.m. PT —

HR Legos: Rebuilding Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy often refers to digital programs where people share company-provided content. And that's something, but it's 2024. It's time to redefine employee advocacy, and rebuild experiences that create true advocates. This talk will cover the need for a redefinition, and how we can look to Legos to inspire the next generation of advocates (or, plainly stated, happy employees). With over 10 years in Marketing and HR, and 5+ in Employer Brand, I'm currently implementing this mindset shift at my company.

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