Andrew Gadomski

Branch Chief
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Andrew serves in the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer at CISA - the agency that is the 1st line of defense for cybersecurity and infrastructure security of the United States. I have taken an oath to defend Our Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that battlefield includes the digital landscape and our public facilities.

As Branch Chief (acting) leading a team of 25 workforce strategists, operations research analysts, I/O psychologists, statisticians, and talent intelligence analysts.  Together, we understand and analyze CISA's workforce composition and skills, forecast gaps in its skillset, prepare insight on recruiting new personnel, and inform on how to dispatch our resident skills to our missions across the 16 sectors of industry CISA protects. These missions include the US cybersecurity landscape, the K-12 and public infrastructure, active shooter preparedness, and bombing prevention. It is critical that my duty is executed while stabilizing and/or increasing the accessibility, acceptance, belonging, inclusion, diversity, equality, and equity of the cyber workforce.

These duties include using talent intelligence, workforce modeling, workforce capacity forecasting, work role development and assignment, recruitment analysis, and developing and monitoring the strategic workforce plan.

Andrew is also the Managing Director and Founder of Aspen Analytics. Andrew founded Aspen Analytics in 2006 after a diverse and successful career in staffing and branding so corporations that are socially and globally conscious can become great at recruiting talent and advance their value propositions exponentially.

Prior to Aspen’s inception, Andrew was the head of staffing for Honeywell Specialty Materials. Within his first year with Honeywell, he managed over 30 executive positions globally for the officer team, centralized and managed all search partners, coordinated University Relations, hired the staffing team, and designed and converted to outsourcing all of North American staffing.


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
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