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Craig Fisher Is the founder of employer brand and recruitment tech strategy firm, TalentNet Media.  He has led Global Marketing, Employer Brand, and Recruiting Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions - North America’s largest RPO and staffing company. He has led talent acquisition teams at the Fortune 500 level owning recruitment process, marketing, and technology. His digital branding methods have been adopted as best practices by companies like Linkedin, Toyota, YUM! Brands, Microsoft, and many more. He's the author of Inbound Recruiting, and a popular keynote speaker at tech, social media, HR / recruiting, and sales conferences worldwide.

Craig created the first Twitter chat for recruiters and partnered in the first Linkedin certified training company in North America. He consults with sales and recruiting teams, advises HR technology firms, and runs the largest recruiting conference series in the Southwest, TalentNet Live.

He’s been detailed in the Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Economist, and Entrepreneur as a subject matter expert in multiple areas of talent acquisition; and is listed among HR and Recruiting's top influencers and most engaging conference speakers.

Connect with Craig on Twitter/Instagram @fishdogs, and at 

TalentNet Media

Craig Fisher’s Session(s)

11:20 a.m.–11:50 a.m. PT —

Social Recruiting Tips, Tools, and Tech

Join Craig Fisher as he shows you all the coolest tools and hacks to recruit via social media and the innovative use of technology in talent acquisition. This session is designed for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals who are eager to harness the power of social media platforms, posting, advertising, influencer marketing, and the latest recruitment technologies to attract, engage, and secure top talent.

You'll get expert insights on optimizing your recruitment strategies through effective social media campaigns, engaging content, and some perhaps unconventional tech tools that enhance your talent attraction, sourcing, and candidate experience. We'll look at TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Threads, even Pinterest and more platforms that can boost your brand and attract the right candidates.

What You Will Learn:

  • Strategic Social Media Utilization: Discover techniques for maximizing the impact of social media in recruitment, including choosing the right platforms, crafting compelling content, and engaging with potential candidates effectively.

  • Tech-Enhanced Recruitment: Learn about the latest tools and technologies that can streamline recruitment processes, from AI-driven analytics to advanced CRM systems, and how to integrate them seamlessly into your recruitment strategy.

  • Building an Online Brand Presence: Understand how to develop and maintain a strong employer brand on social media that attracts candidates and fosters a community of potential recruits.

  • Interactive and Targeted Campaigns: Explore how to create interactive recruitment campaigns that capture the attention of passive and active job seekers and effectively convert them into applicants.

  • Analytics and Optimization: Gain insights into using data analytics to track the effectiveness of your social media recruitment strategies, optimize campaigns, and improve ROI.

Craig's session promises a deep dive into the practical applications of social media and technology in recruitment, providing you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your talent acquisition efforts and stay ahead in the competitive job market.

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