Speaker Interviews

Watch exclusive interviews with some of our TA Week 2023 speakers for valuable insights

Chrissy Thornill speaks to the evolution of Employer Branding and how to think about Global Strategy

Mawulom Nenonene speaks on how to separate signal from noise for TA in 2023

Maury Hanigan on the power of video to engage your candidate audience

Maren Hogan on the impact of connecting an organization's values with their TA strategy

Luke Williams highlights what he sees best in class companies doing in Talent Acquisition

Jenny Cotie Kangas personal experience on how an accident gave her the gift of a beginner’s mindset

Chloé Rada highlights the importance of design excellence in TA Operations

Craig Fisher shares his expertise on Recruiting Operations and its importance for TA

Matt Adam's take on the state of data in Talent Acquisition

Stephane Rivard shares his expertise on the value of soft skills assessments in TA

Willena Long on leadership coaching and growth advice in 2023

Christine Temple Gaspar on understanding and marketing an organization's unique employee experience

Krishna Kumar on engaging early career talent and how to think about ensuring success on the job

Brittany Ramsey on early-career talent & how L'Oréal leverages authenticity in their strategy

Dana Atherton gives insight into the state of Talent Acquisition and strategies going into 2023

Jacob Rivas on successful sourcing and messaging

Allyn Bailey on the state and evolution of Talent Acquisition technology

Kevin Grossman shares all things top of mind in the candidate experience in 2023

Niya Woods from Lexicon shares her experience leading the TA function as a team of one

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil shares his perspective on the state of TA Tech in 2023

Brooks E Scott shares about Executive Coaching and Unconscious Bias

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